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Coming Soon in 2022!

Over the coming weeks, we will be uploading a range of tools to assist others with their simulation modelling projects.

  • Useful Tools for ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Modelling (LEED, Estidama etc)

    • Elevators/escalators - power and annual energy calculation tool​

    • Swimming pools - power and monthly/annual energy calculation tool

    • Car park fans - power adjustment and energy calculation tool

    • Interior & exterior lighting - calculation tool for All ASHRAE 90.1 space type classifications

    • ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G Wizard for LEED - This tool allows the user/modeller to input simple project-specific information such as location, conditioned floor area for building(s), ventilation volumes etc, and the tool will then provide an output report outlining all LEED/ASHRAE 90.1 and 62.1 mandatory requirements, modelling procedures/protocols and Baseline Model systems and inputs for the particular project along with any ASHRAE addendums to the standard. Essentially this simplifies the necessary documentation to read from many hundreds of pages across multiple publications to around 15 pages per project.

    • Fully editable/linkable excel workbooks for the LEED Minimum Energy Performance Calculator and IAQ Ventilation Calculators

  • Other Tools & Calculators

    • Chiller Plant and Storage Devices Optimiser Tool

      • Calculates energy consumption and load profiles for a variety of chiller types and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems - The user can drag/drop in an hourly chiller load profile generated from their own energy model into the tool for it to work.
    • Exhaust Air Heat Recovery Tool (Hot Climates Only)

      • Calculates ventilation cooling loads, energy consumption/savings, condensate recovery for any FAHU.​

    • Annual Thermal Comfort Tool (Numeric Tables) 

      • Exterior and interior environments

      • Operative temperature, apparent Temperature, UTCI etc

    • Facade Heat Gains Calculator to Optimise Glazing SHGC, U-Value & Horizontal/Vertical Shading Devices and Internal Blinds
      • User-entered location and glazing and shading system parameters
      • Parametric Analysis Tables - showing peak heat gain and annualised heat gain resulting from a wide variety of glazing and shading strategies
    • Climate Analysis Tool - User selects a weather file and an output climate summary report is provided

      • Monthly ambient outdoor temperature summary charts % tables (Abs Min, Ave Min, Average, Ave High, Abs High)

      • Monthly ambient outdoor temperature summary charts % tables (Abs Min, Ave Min, Average, Ave High, Abs High)

      • Pysocometric charts of annual conditions

      • Cumulative distribution of weather metrics (user-defined periods/times)

      • Wind roses (wind speed and direction frequency)

  • Useful Links for Simulation Modellers and Engineers

    • Reference standards, addendums and other useful publications

    • External resources

  • Tips and Tricks to Get The Most out of Simulation Models

    • Database by energy use type, elements and technologies, interpretations of reference standards and review processes.

  • Assitance Service Via Our Online Chat Platform

    • Competitive hourly rates

    • Peer review of models/reports/submissions and advice

    • Taking over existing energy models to completion of project or certification

We will upload the above tools to this webpage periodically over the next few weeks as time permits. If you wish to be notified of such updates, please email us at and we will notify you directly.

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